English description

What is this all about then?

The Rickshaw Run is pretty simple. With no preparation and less luggage one flies to the Indian Subcontinent and does ones damndest to force 150cc of Indian engineering over thousands of miles of questionable terrain in around two weeks.

Upon arrival in India we pause briefly for a game of cricket followed by tea and cakes before revving our engines and setting off. We stop only to wet our whistles on the occasional gin and tonic at specially selected refreshment points.

When does it take place?
The Rickshaw Run happens but twice a year. Once in the Summer and once in the Winter just after Christmas. The Winter event will launch on 1st January 2008. The Summer event launches on the 1st June 2008.

The Route
The route of the mighty Rickshaw Run changes every time to make sure it remains a challenge. Once we get the odd team surviving one route we will move it to somewhere harder. Huge mountains, dirt tracks, tropical jungle, monsoons are just some of the things we seek out to make sure you get some real adventure.

We vaguely plan the routes to take two weeks but do not blame us if it takes you two years and half a limb. We do not have specific route plans because it is an adventure. You want to get stuck in with the maps and figure out where you want to go, not let us take you on a guided tour.

Have a gander at the route page for details of this Runs route.


The Machines

Three wheels, half a horse power and more fun than any other vehicle on planet earth the humble Rickshaw is undoubtedly the ultimate long distance, off road machine, despite being designed for short distances on road. Marvel at our rickshaw page for more details.


The Charity

The Rickshaw Run is all about raising huge amounts of wedge for a great cause or two, so each team has to raise a measly £1000 for charity. Have a peak at the charity page for more details.


The Backup!?

Support? Of course we do not provide any support. The Rickshaw Run is supposed to be an adventure. What sort of adventure would you have if we were following you in a truck with spare parts and a comfy bed. No, no we must get out there into the world and get stuck in. When you are stuck, lost, and up a certain creek without a rowing implement is when you start to have fun - and the last thing we want to do is stop you having fun! If you want a full support crew there is a very nice place called Butlins based in Bognor Regis.


The Finish Line

Once the finish is reached by all, a winner will be decided by arbitrary means and much pomp and hand shaking will commence. After this wondrous occasion, the closing game of cricket will be played followed by tea and cakes. We then all wend our merry ways back from whence we have come.